Can iunocare guarantee safety of my child?
No, iunocare is a set of devices designed to keep parents informed about their baby's health with the help of the Internet. It is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent babys' illnesses. It cannot replace observation or examination of the baby by medical specialists, but is a good complementary for home control
Does iunocare cause any side effects if used constantly?
Pulse oximetry (non-invasive method of determining the degree of blood saturation with oxygen) has been used in hospitals for decades and does not have any negative side effects. It has also been proved that the use of Bluetooth low energy technology in immediate proximity to the human body does not have any negative impact on the body.
What functions does the device perform?
The main task of the smart Smartsock iunocare is control over pulse and blood oxygen level during the child's sleep. Besides, iunocare constantly monitors the baby's position during sleep— if he/she sleeps on his/her stomach (specialists connect sleep on the stomach with the increased risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). The gadget also controls the child's body temperature: it will detect the start of temperature increase and inform you on it, then it will show if the temperature goes down or remains high.
The room sensor acts as a baby monitor, which will always notice when the baby starts crying and will even try to make it sleep again by starting the white noise generator (special sounds helping the newly born to fall asleep in a few minutes, as shown by research). The station also controls humidity and air temperature near the baby (important indicators influencing the baby's state of health) and will inform you if it is necessary to air the room or turn on the humidifier. The bedside display will take care of informing you on the current indicators, thus letting you rest by handing the control of your baby over to iunocare.
Our Smartphone app enables you to observe your baby and control its sleep from any point in your house. Moreover, with this app the state of your baby's health is constantly monitored by specialists — they analyze the baby's indicators via most modern developments in the sphere of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and will suggest undergoing observation in case detecting any deviations in a timely manner.
What age is iunocare for?
The Smartsock iunocare is good for babies up to 18 months. The «sock» design is for kids weighing up to 25 kg.
What does the iunocare Smartsock set include?
The set includes three «sock» sizes according to the baby development and the growth of its foot, a room sensor reading the environment, a display showing the readings in a convenient format, a special app for your Smartphone, and a detailed instruction manual for using the device.
Can the Smartsock be put on over clothing or under?
The Smartsock may not be put on over the clothes — it can be used only on the baby's bare foot. But it can be worn underneath the clothes. It is very thin, therefore it can be used under pants, pajamas or a regular sock. But make sure that the Smartsock touches the skin and there is enough space inside for the convenience of the foot.
Can the Smartsock be washed?
Yes, it can be washed manually using soft laundry detergents. No washing in the washing machine. Before washing make sure that all electronic elements have been removed from the «sock». There are no strict regulations on the frequency of washing; we recommend doing it once a week.
Is Wi-Fi needed for the iunocare operation?
No, it is not. Using Wi-Fi allows you to look at the indicators online in the app in case you are not in the same room with the device set, and it also can expand the radius of operation.
Thanks to the display included in the set, the user can get complete information about the baby's vitals even without using the app or Wi-Fi.
Is iunocare a medical device?
The iunocare Smartsock is a gadget, which informs parents online about the state of health of their baby and allows them to stay calm while the baby is asleep or just lying in bed. iunocare has no medical certification; it was designed and developed to be used by parents with healthy children.
Can the baby be monitored simultaneously from several Smartphones?
Yes, both parents can enter the iunocare app in their Smartphones and look at the baby's vitals.
What happens is the Smartsock falls off the baby's foot?
Nothing to be afraid of. iunocare constantly monitors how tight the Smartsock is fastened, its position in space, and how accurate its readings are. Algorithms of iunocare are made in such a way that if any parameter is questionable, the system will immediately inform you about it.
How long does the battery last?
You do not ever need to change the battery. The Smartsock is equipped with a battery, which is recharged every 10 (ten) hours. iunocare uses the wireless charging technology, which fully charges the «sock» within 3 (three) hours.
Is iunocare usable for the baby's sleep in the same room with parents?
Yes, you can use iunocare in the same room with the baby. For this, you have a bedside display, and in addition to it — a Smartphone app in case of necessity. In case of a problem, the display does not make any sounds, but tries to draw the parents' attention only by bright light and a graphic message. If after 20 minutes there is no reply, a soft sound signal will appear which will gradually get louder.
Can iunocare monitor the sleeping position of the baby?
Yes, iunocare constantly monitors the baby's position during sleep. If the baby turns onto the stomach, the system will immediately inform you about it.
What is pulse oximeter?
The pulse oximeter is a simple to use device, which nowadays is irreplaceable both for single measuring and for long-term monitoring (constant control) of the saturation level and heart rate (pulse). The advantage of pulse oximetry is in using non-invasive method of getting data. To do the test, there is no need to take blood from arteries; therefore the pulse oximeter measures the necessary values quickly simplifying the diagnostic process.
Can the iunocare Smartsock harm my baby, since it emits radio waves?
No, it cannot. First of all it is connected with the transmitter's mode of operation inside the sock. The Bluetooth low energy module and its algorithm are designed in such a way that they are switched on every ten seconds for a fraction of a second to send the data to the processing station, and then it immediately switches off. The radio waves created by the sock are more than 20 (twenty) times weaker than those created by a regular Smartphone. Moreover, the Bluetooth low energy technology used everywhere in wearable devices, earphones was tested all over the world and recognized as completely safe. The sock itself does not get hot and cannot cause any kind of thermal burn on the body of your baby.
How does iunocare differ from other similar gadgets monitoring the state of health of newly born?
Practically all devices present on the market today require constant personal control over the readings. Thanks to iunocare you can sleep or go about your business without worrying about the health or sleep of your baby, because iunocare is based on the clinically proven technology and also combines the functions of the baby monitor in it.
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